Splitsecnd Emergency Response System

A car collision or any other vehicle accident can come at any time and all of a sudden. Car owners and drivers always need to come prepared even during such surprising events. The Splitsecnd Emergency Response System may be a convenient option available for those who wish to get prompt response when it is needed.

The Splitsecnd Emergency Response System is a system that provides you with a means of contacting an emergency response team in case you get into a car collision or an accident. It features a small unit that users can easily connect into a car cigarette lighter slot. What it does is detect circumstances when one may be in a car collision or accident.

Once it detects a car collision, the Splitsecnd unit then automatically contacts the service provider’s call center and sends in the car’s GPS coordinates at the time of the accident for dispatch to the emergency response personnel. A speakerphone allows users to talk with the emergency responders to determine their condition. It also comes with a built-in battery so that the unit will still be able to work even if the car’s electrical system fails. The Splitsecnd Emergency Response System is a convenient device to have in a car as an automatic alert system to ensure that help will be on the way in case of an accident. Its easy setup also makes it convenient to use. It is available currently for pre-order at US$ 200 for the unit. The service also requires a US$ 15 monthly service charge.

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