Nevada Issues License Plates for Self-Driving Cars

After approving self-driving cars on state roads back in February, the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles has officially unveiled its license plates for autonomous test vehicles with Google becoming the first company to receive license applications.

The license plate will have a red background, featuring an infinity symbol on the left-hand side. According to DMV’s director Bruce Breslow, use of the infinity symbol represents the “car of the future,” while the red background makes the vehicle easily recognizable by the public and law enforcement. Once self-driving vehicles becomes available to the public, the infinity symbol will appear on a green license plate.

The red license plates would allow Google to test their automated cars along freeways, state highways, and neighborhoods in Carson City and Las Vegas. The DMV has also formed an Autonomous Review Committee, which recently reviewed Google’s safety plans, employee training, system functions, and accident reporting mechanisms.

Source: PC Magazine
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